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Iboga Retreats in Costa Rica at Ikara Retreat Centre

We are excited to announce that we will begin working with Ikara Retreat Centre to host traditional Bwiti Iboga Retreats in Costa Rica. The Ikara Retreat Centre is located in the hills of Portalon in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Just about 2 hours from the airport but still in the remote jungle. As you can see in the photos below, Ikara has stunning views, a swimming pool, and a beautiful property. One of my favorite features is that there is a river right on the property which we can use for spiritual showers! On integration days, there are tons of beachy and adventurous activities nearby that we will enjoy. The owners of Ikara Retreat Centre also bring their own offerings like Yoga and integration (Bio’s Below)

The first retreat will be in the late summer of 2021

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Ikara Retreat Owners



I have 20 years of plant medicine experience. Ikara Retreat Center is my new home. Having experienced personal transformation through Iboga, it was the catalyst for my ongoing commitment to the study of the self and others emancipation..My research into undivided wholeness through comparative philosophies, disciplines of science including epigenetics, earth bioenergies and archeoastronomy is ongoing and continuous I am an Iyengar yoga student of 10 years and my studies continue. I am a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.


Iboga has been a big part of my journey in becoming serious when it comes to loving, learning, forgiving, and in other words, learning to love unconditionally. If it involves connections, translations, transduction, merging and bridge building – I am all over it. If it means feeling separated from a collective social understanding in an effort to reconnect to the self to be better for all, I´ll take the seemingly separated route every time. I love being the first to admit failings because I love learning and I love receiving help. This is where I feel loved and connected. My primary care for others exists in me being able to assist them in some shape, way or form with their individual expression of truth. It is not what they believe, rather, it is primary that they be free to believe that which they choose, to breathe and live their choices. For me intelligence resides within emotion. It is the compartment where knowledge exists, we merely use our beliefs to access the knowledge.




My partner Jamie and I moved to Costa Rica from Australia and set up Ikara Retreat Centre as a lifelong commitment to providing a space where we may express our intentions and beliefs by conceiving, operating and participating in carefully constructed retreats that develop the individual. For the last 30 years, I have traveled and explored the inner realms of my psyche through traditional entheogenic plants. My exploration with Iboga gave me a direct understanding of how thoughts and beliefs are actualized into experience and through that direct experience comes knowledge – this is an emotional reality for me which may not be felt by all. I can only talk from my heart and share my experiences with those who visit us. As a host, I am here for anything that is needed in your personal journey. I hope to assist people with their integration process. and will use the knowledge I have gained to help them translate their expectations into a physical form. I am a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and also a dedicated student of Iyengar yoga.


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